About Us

Lady Flora Interiors is a design studio that started at the Berkshire florist, Lady Flora, part of the group that includes the renowned florists, Bloomsbury Flowers and Clare Florist.

Lady Flora Interiors exude a serene, harmonious atmosphere that blends sophistication and elegance with a natural, organic feel that is classical and timeless.  The graceful spaces are designed to be both beautiful and liveable, creating an environment that feels luxurious yet welcoming.

A soft muted colour palette in pastels, earth tones and neutral colours is preferred. Accents of vibrant colours inspired by flowers and nature add a lively richness.

A signature element of Lady Flora Interiors is the use of

  • Floral and botanical motifs and rich textures on prints, wallpaper, luxury fabrics, ceramics and artworks
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly natural materials such as wood, stone and rattan;
  • Vintage and antique furniture and accessories to add character and history to the space.

Lady Flora Interiors likes to support artisans from the British Isles and from around the world.

Lady Flora Interiors has a beautiful range of Home Fragrances and Bath and Beauty products.